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Integrated Engineering Tool IET600 Ver. 5.3 FP3

May 31, 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of IET600 version 5.3 Feature Pack 3.

IET600 is allowing system engineers and integrators to define and configure the complete substation automation system according to IEC 61850 in-turn ensures data consistency throughout the substations’ lifecycle. 

Feature pack release IET600 Ver.5.3 FP3

This release replaces the former IET600 5.3.x versions.

Fixes compared to IET Ver.5.3 FP2 (

New and enhanced features

  • User defined setting profiles can now be stored and loaded for each grid based editor (e.g. HMI Data Editor) in the tool.
  • Database upgrade to SQL Server 2014 SP2 aligned with PCM600.
  • Support of IEC61850 external references (ExtRefs) for GOOSE and Sampled Values.
  • Technology and driver updates for full support of Windows 10.
  • CID / IID files export for multiple IEDs on Project, Voltage or Substation level.

General fixes and improvements

  • Performance improvements of IET600 editors for better handling of large scale projects.
  • IET600 checks now for new available software updates during program start and informs the user accordingly.
  • Several improvements in Customer Signal List export for handling of large scale projects.
  • The consistency check of GCBs and SVCBs did not exclude the deleted CBs -> fixed.
  • NV attribute could not be edited inside the HMI Data editor -> fixed.
  • Back indications on commands did show the group address in signal list export -> fixed.
  • Command counter for MicroScada commands were always 0 during sasmsc export -> fixed.
  • Update to latest tissues for IEC61850 Ed2.1 compliance (Tissue 1444 and 1445)
  • Added new rules for function and sub-functions (SFN_x, SFN_C_x, EQSFN_x, EQSFN_C_x) used inside the rule based MicroScada. attributes (LN, OI, IN, ON)
  • Validation of maximum frame length for GOOSE Datasets which can be handled by communication stack in IEDs.
  • Added support for configuration of MicroScada SNMP OPC Gateway in IET600 (available with next MicroSCADA Hotfix). 

For more information, please, read the attached release note.

Yours faithfully,

Integrated Engineering Tool IET600 Ver. 5.3 FP3
power plant engineer for substation

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