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ITT600 - Integrated testing tool

Simplifying IEC 61850 diagnosis and application testing

A single tool for all tasks, from verifying GOOSE communication to system-wide data consistency checks.

Integrated Testing Tool ITT600 SA Explorer is designed for easy diagnosis and troubleshooting of IEC 61850 compliant substation automation systems and applications. It features convenient navigation, comprehensive presentation of application data and support for consistency checks, both on and off-line.

ITT600 facilitates the easy exploration of the IEC 61850 configuration in any protection and control IED, the visualization of GOOSE messages and the communication simulation of an IED. ITT600’s versatile functionality eliminates the need for multiple testing tools and helps engineers to isolate the root cause of system communication problems. This allows efficient diagnosis and troubleshooting of substation automation applications and therefore significantly reduces testing and commissioning time.

ITT600 SA Explorer makes IEC 61850 systems easy to use. By translating the complex terminology of communication protocols into the standardized IEC 61850 language, it makes the essential information available to all users, allowing anybody to use the same tool.

ITT600 - Integrated testing tool
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