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Hydrogen production from renewable energy sources

Power-to-Hydrogen Solutions

We have unparalleled expertise from early-stage project origination, due diligence and planning, through to ensuring grid compliance, power conversion systems and enabling holistic electrolyzer power supply optimization.

All of these features are crucial for your large-scale hydrogen production plants where availability, efficiency and footprint are key success factors.

Holistic Green Hydrogen offering from Hitachi Energy 


Techno-economical advisory services 

Assess economic and technical feasibility of your green-field projects or project acquisitions from long-term input electricity price forecasting, to levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) forecasting and grid congestion studies. 

Expert technical consulting​ 

Rest assured that our global consultancy presence and expertise in grid code compliance, power quality design and H2 grid connection will ensure you are equipped with the information and expert advice you require for the selection of optimized converters in regard to grid requirements and operational constraints.


Grid to Stacks power supply solutions 
We focus on optimizing your complete power supply system and increasing performance, starting from grid connection down to stack terminals which de-risks your design in relation to grid code compliance, including: 

  • System engineering on overall package
  • Full portfolio of small, medium and large power transformers for substations along with dry and liquid-filled rectifier transformers for water electrolysis plants
  • Switchgear solutions
  • Protection, control and communications solutions for an optimized plant automation In-house power semiconductors
  • Our hydrogen solutions can fit within containers and can also be customized for large/giga-scale H2 generation plants 

Energy security and power quality  

Our power quality solutions and co-located battery energy storage systems (BESS) support the production of green hydrogen, whilst enhancing your energy security, optimizing costs, footprint and the efficiency of your facility.

Build your Hydrogen projects with our reliable power supply solutions


Maximize business case and revenues through optimized operations.

We support O&M through software and automation solutions enabling reliable and safe real-time monitoring & controls and prognostics enabling predictive O&M.

Hydrogen energy storage with renewable energy sources

Global demand continues to accelerate for this versatile energy carrier.

To learn more about our Hydrogen solutions and portfolio, contact the team below.