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Customer Success Story

Powering China's heavy-load freight trains

Traction transformers to support stronger freight rail capacity in China

China’s railways are among the busiest in the world. Driven by a need to increase freight capacity, the country’s rail network has expanded and in 2015 became the second longest in the world. 

Since the Chinese rail revolution started in 2004, Hitachi Energy has provided advanced traction transformer solutions that power HXD2 locomotives, a series of locomotive classes built by Datong Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. (DELC).

Between 2005 and 2016, DELC was awarded contracts from China Railways to build electric locomotives intended for heavy freight rail work. A number of variations of the original HXD2 have been developed in that time, including the HXD2B, HXD2C, New 8-axle HXD2, and HXD2F. Hitachi Energy has supplied DELC with traction transformers for each.

At the time of their construction, these units were among the most powerful locomotives in the world, capable of hauling 9,000 metric tons of freight at speeds up to 120 km/h in extreme environmental conditions, such as winter temperatures as low as -40C.

Hitachi Energy traction transformer technology is integral to this capacity. These compact and exceptionally reliable units are often non-redundant traction components, underframe mounted with oil expansion tank installed separately in the machine room. In total, Hitachi Energy has delivered more than 2,000 traction transformers for DELC electric locomotives.

Main data
Customer   Datong Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. (DELC) and Alstom.
Product Traction transformers
Application Locomotives
Power HXD2: 6’450 kVA
HXD2B: 12’600 kVA
HXD2C: 9’060 kVA
New 8-axle HXD2: 6’450kVA
HXD2F: 6’521 kVA
Network 25kV 50 Hz
Insulating fluid Mineral
Position Underframe 
Country China
Deliveries      2005-2016