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High-voltage capacitors and filters

Improving reliability and efficiency of power networks

Power quality is an important consideration for grid operators and large industrial power users who face different network challenges. Grid operators are challenged with minimizing losses over long transmission lines, integrating renewable generation (e.g., wind, solar) and providing voltage support during unplanned network events are critical in delivering efficient and reliable grids. Large industrial power consumers face the challenge of lower operating costs as well as meeting contractual conditions related to power factor and harmonic distortion to secure electrical supply.  

Hitachi Energy offers a proven portfolio of capacitor and filter solutions to support grid operators and large industrial power consumers alike. Our solutions are suitably designed to withstand even the most extreme climatic conditions for industries, sub-transmission and transmission applications. Our teams of power quality specialists located across the globe can provide end-to-end support to customers, from the diagnosis of power quality issues through to design, installation, commissioning and after sales service.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Long-standing experience and application know-how
  • Robust, reliable, well-proven design
  • Global presence
  • Technology leadership
  • Customer-focused operational and production processes
  • End-to-end support in solution deployment, from diagnosis to after sales service
High-voltage capacitors and filters

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High-voltage capacitors and filters