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Single-phase capacitors for reactive power compensation and filtering applications

Hitachi Energy AC wet-type capacitors are available in sizes up to 1,200 kvar per unit (at 50 Hz), and are characterized by negligible losses and high reliability.  They consist of thin dielectric polypropylene film wound together with electrodes of aluminum foils.  Fusing technologies available for these capacitors include internally fused (CHDB), externally fused (CHDE) and fuseless (CHDF) executions.

A bio-degradable hydrocarbon compound with excellent electrical properties is used as the impregnation fluid. The container is made of surface-treated high-quality steel - the bushings and terminals are of highest quality and reliability.


  • Shunt reactive power compensation banks 
  • Harmonic filters 
  • Series capacitor solutions
  • SVC applications
  • HVDC applications

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Excellent track record on reliability 
  • Robust and usable in the most demanding applications
  • All fusing technologies available
  • All film type with low dielectric losses and long life
  • Folded foil electrodes reduce partial discharge generation
  • Units are made of ferritic stainless steel and painted with corrosion resistant paint
  • Superior paint system with oven cured process

Brief performance data

  CHDB internally fused CHDE externally fused CHDF fuseless
Power (50 Hz) 100 - 1,200 kvar 100 - 500 kvar 300 - 1,200 kvar
Power (60 Hz) 100 - 1,400 kvar 100 - 600 kvar 300 - 1,400 kvar
Voltage 1 - 15 kV 1 - 20 kV 1 - 20 kV
Max current 180 A 60 A 180 A

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