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FOX605 Utility access multiplexer

Hitachi Energy's FOX605, a member of Hitachi Energy’s world leading FOX family of fiber optical communication solutions, offers a cost-efficient communication solution for electrical utilities of all sectors and markets (ETSI, ANSI).

Designed and tested for the utility environment, FOX605 combines circuit- and packet-switched technologies, including MPLS-TP, in one single device for the transmission of traditional signals, protection signals, and local LAN-traffic via a packet switched backbone networks.

On the network side, the multiplexer offers sophisticated WAN functionality whilst the user side supports LAN and common traditional interfaces, enabling a stepwise upgrade into the packet-switched world. Reliable data transport is guaranteed under any network circumstance.

New deployments can be implemented as pure FOX605 networks or based on its interoperability capabilities as extensions of existing communication infrastructures. Integrated enhanced data encryption and authentication functionalities secure data traffic for reliable and dependable transmission of mission-critical information.

Increased visibility and control of the network is provided by strong timing/synchronization features. The comprehensive set including utility-specific features makes FOX605 the ideal solution for the first mile and access applications. Configuration and management can be easily handled with Hitachi Energy's FOXView and FOXMAN-UN network management systems.

The long-term support of both traditional TDM and packet-switched technology MPLS-TP in FOX605 enables stepwise migration or extensions of existing communication infrastructures so that utilities can evolve to future communication networks securely and with the expertise of a long-term partner. With FOX605 new applications can be easily and securely added to the existing operational network. As soon as the utility decides to migrate, the comprehensive feature set of FOX605 offers all the required functionalities already today. Like all other FOX products, FOX605 can be easily configured and managed with the network management system FOXMAN-UN.

Hitachi Energy's FOX605 comes with a comprehensive feature set in one single box, making it the ideal solution for the first mile and access applications. The support of traditional interfaces ensures a diversity of connection possibilities in one operational network. The combination of a circuit- and packet-switched technology, including MPLS-TP, offers flexible migration and extension of existing communication infrastructures. Built-in data encryption and authentication functionalities for WAN communication enable secured data traffic between remote stations. The utility-grade design, including a high-temperature range, makes FOX605 ideal for indoor and outdoor installation.

FOX605 ensures reliable data transmission of mission-critical information under any network circumstance. In operational networks any intrusion or unauthorized access could influence the performance of the complete network, therefore special measures for protection are required. The End2End data encryption and authentication functionalities of FOX605 guarantee that mission-critical information is protected.

Migrating mission-critical services (e.g. teleprotection) to packet-switched networks while keeping existing infrastructure untouched is supported by MPLS-TP which, in contrast to other packet-switched technologies like IP/MPLS, takes care of bidirectional paths and predictable data traffic, thus guaranteeing the required performance of critical applications.

The performance and reliability of the communication network are significantly increased by time and phase synchronization through the WAN using SyncE and IEEE1588v2 (PTP). With real-time distribution from a central master clock to all connected devices in the network FOX605 provides visibility and control of all activities in the network. With MPLS-TP reliable and dependable data traffic under any network circumstance can also be guaranteed in packet-switched networks. Integrated traffic generator and analytical functionalities allow seamless performance monitoring according RFC2544 and Y.1564.

  • Cost-efficient solution with a comprehensive feature set ideal for the first mile and access applications
  • Stepwise introduction of Ethernet/MPLS-TP based applications in operational networks
  • Secured data traffic in packet-switched networks
  • Reliable data transport under any network circumstance
  • Time and phase synchronization through the WAN
  • Utility-grade design with fanless operation for deployment in harsh environments
  • Fully interoperable with FOX family
  • Long life cycle availability and ease of upgradeability 

  • Full support for native Ethernet and MPLS-TP
  • Full synchronization solution according to IEEE1588v2 / SyncE
  • Different types of clock in/out
  • Complete circuit emulation solutions based on SAToP
  • L2 based secured transmission on at least two trunk lines (authentication & full/partial encryption)
  • MTBF > 20 years
  • High-temperature temperature 
  • Flexible connectivity:
    • 8x GBE ports (4 el. + 4 SFP & 4 el. wherefrom two with PoE highly desirable (2x 15W))
    • 4x E1 ports
    • 4x 64 kbit/s
    • 4x RS-232 / RS485
    • ToD, BITS, 1 PPS, 1.5/2/10MHz Sync Interfaces
    • Alarm and management interfaces
  • Redundant power supply (-48VDC)
  • Combination of MPLS-TP (network side) and traditional interfaces (user side) in one device
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