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Inductive Voltage Transformer Type SPOF (25-38 kV)

Compact and robust

SPOF outdoor rated distribution class inductive voltage transformers are of compact single-phase designs and intended for connection between phase and ground (single bushing) or phase-to-phase (two bushing design) to provide critical voltage measurement information. Hermetic sealing of the design is accomplished using a gas cushion above the oil to prevent free-breathing outside moisture-laden air.

The extremely low core flux density enables the SPOF to withstand continuous 110 percent rated voltage continuously, and provide 190 percent for 8 hours.  

The SPOF has a reputation for reliable performance in service with a low field failure rate that is lower than the industry average.


  • Revenue metering
  • Control
  • Indication
  • Relay protection

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Designed for environmentally diverse conditions - polar to desert
  • Excellent application engineering support ensures optimal solutions for your project
  • Low loss distributed gap core ensures the best accuracy performance with the lowest core losses for the duration of service life
  • Small footprint, eco-efficient minimum-oil design
  • Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance 

Brief performance data

Installation Outdoor
Design Inductive type
Insulation Oil-paper
Highest voltage for equipment 25 - 38 kV
Voltage factor (Vf) Up to 1.9 - 8hrs
Insulators Cycloaliphatic epoxy
Creepage distance ≥ 25 mm/kV (longer by request)
Service condition  
  • Ambient temperature
-40ºC to +40ºC (standard)
  • Design altitude
Maximum 1000 m (standard)
  *Other temperatures and altitudes are possible
Accuracy Meets all IEC and IEEE metering and protection classes

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