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Outage management

A component of Network Manager ADMS

The growing global demand from customers for reliable electricity and accurate communication, and the expanding implementation and use of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation (DA), means utilities need to rethink how they manage energy outages. Network Manager's Outage Management System (OMS) provides utilities with tools to manage key business processes in the outage management life cycle. From creation to restoration, OMS connects the control room with an integrated grid that allows utilities to isolate an outage, prioritize repairs, and dispatch the right crews to provide faster restoration. In addition, OMS switching allows for planning of isolations and outages, and a highly integrated system for restoring emergent network outages.

Utility executives, customers, media, and other stakeholders can be kept up to date on the impact of an outage and estimated restoration times. Supporting the integration of smart equipment for distribution and outage management, switching, mobile workforce management, and business analytics, OMS provides an entire outage management life cycle, from planning and creation to final reliability reporting.

Key benefits

Reduce outage duration and impact
Highly integrated system leveraging distribution automation that supports fully-automated fault location, isolation, and restoration (FLISR), minimizing the impact of an outage. Provides higher visibility into localized outages, and allows for better planning and restoration of larger network outages.

Higher customer and stakeholder satisfaction
Create customer value by providing stakeholders with proactive information about the forecasted impact of planned outages and timely, accurate updates for existing outages.

Improve safety performance
Increased situational awareness and real-time connectivity between the control room, the field crew, and SCADA helps utilities better monitor the network and crew activity for potential safety hazards.

Ensure regulatory compliance
Record of performance, including during major weather events, and an electronic audit trail helps ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements such as system and customer average interruption and duration indices.


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