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Release of RES670 2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of phasor measurement unit RES670 version 2.0. RES670 provides accurate measurement of current and voltage phasors for wide area monitoring systems based on synchrophasors.

Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) consists of geographically dispersed Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) delivering synchrophasors, i.e., time-tagged data samples of a power system’s voltage or current phasor using a standard time signal as the reference. The data in each PMU are time-synchronized via Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers – with an accuracy of one microsecond. The phasors measured simultaneously provide snapshots of the state of the monitored power system, enabling a number of synchrophasor applications to be available.

RES670 is a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) that provides power system AC voltages and currents as synchrophasors, providing real and imaginary parts or magnitude and phase angle. The communication capabilities of RES670 include IEEE C37.118 for WAMS solutions and IEC 61850 for easy integration in an existing substation automation system. Further, along with the phasor data measurement functionality, several protection and control functions of the Relion® 670 series IEDs are available in RES670.

The new RES670 version 2.0 release presents several improvements of the PMU functionality, compliance to international standards and communication capability. This new release also inherits all the benefits available with the new 670 series version 2.0, like support to IEC 61850 Ed.2, the local HMI including configurable three colour LEDs and programmable command buttons, cybersecurity features and improvement in the user experience for engineering efficiency and overall usability, among others.

New features and benefits

A number of new features are included in this release. The key features and their benefits are listed below:

  • Compliancy with standard for synchrophasor measurements for power systems IEEE C37.118-2011, including the amendment IEEE C37.118.1a-2014
  • Single-phase phasor data streaming in addition to positive, negative and zero sequence components available from the previous release
  • Two independent synchrophasor data streams from one PMU that enables the reporting of synchrophasor data with two different report-rates and/or different performance classes (P/M) and/or data type at the same time
  • Phasor measurement reporting function for up to 32 phasors on each data stream, configurable for single-phase phasors, positive, negative, zero sequence values or all of them
  • Active and reactive power analog data streaming that allows the power measurement directly from the PMU, improving the accuracy of the measurement, and no need to calculate power in the PDC or anywhere else
  • Analog data streaming also include streaming of mili-Amp input signals via PMU protocol for control purposes, with no need to use any other means to transfer transducer’s signals
  • Both built-in GPS and IRIG-B modules can now work simultaneously providing redundant time sync capability with higher availability of time sync source
  • Additional protection functions, like power swing detection, out-of-step protection, directional under-power protection, directional overpower protection
  • Support for simultaneous synchrophasor data stream for up to 8 PDC clients over TCP/IP and up to 6 PDC clients over UDP/IP that can be configured for unicast or multicast, enabling a better design of WAMS communication and suitable for WAMS with several utilities or applications involved.

 Read all about the release here.


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Global Product Manager
Substation Automation Products
power plant engineer for substation

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