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Asset inventory

What if your operation could be more productive and more efficient? A pre-site audit from Hitachi Energy establishes thorough understanding of your installation and its health status.

Asset Inventory is pre-site audit, an important requirement before entering into a service level agreement. The health status of the customer’s installations including firmware will be analyzed and recommended measures may be diagnostics, accented maintenance, upgrading, replacement, etc., depending on the status of the substation and specific requirements for improving the reliability are suggested.

Asset inventory (pre-site audit)

We assess, assist, and provide expert diagnoses and life cycle assessment with a Hitachi Energy site audit. The following list will be check during the asset inventory (pre-site audit):

  • Condition check of Installed base
  • Event and alarm analysis
  • Update of backup and/or system image
  • Condition of audited items, also compared to historical data if available
  • Recommended actions for equipment or system improvements
  • A presentation of overall condition of customer’s system

Audit review

We provide expert analysis of the site audit complete with a list of recommended list of actions including:

  • Tailor-made service package
  • Cybersecurity recommendations
  • Software and firmware upgrades and patches
  • Spare-part and maintenance streamlining
Asset inventory
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