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AC Line Feeder Autotransformer

The use of (single-phase) auto-transformers gives, compared to a system with booster-transformers, a lower voltage drop, higher power capability, and the possibility to place converter stations at greater distances from each other. The system (OCS) uses a second feeder (negative feeder) with a 180° phase difference from the contact wire, which doubles the voltage level of the system.

Advantages compared to single-phase feeding systems:

  • Lower losses due to higher voltage
  • A longer distance between catenary feeder substations
  • Better collection of returning stray currents
  • Reduced interference in communications

Product scope:

  • Frequencies: 16.67,  25, 50, 60 Hz
  • Power ratings: 4 - 15 MVA
  • Single-phase

Why Hitachi Energy

  • Compactly designed, low-weight transformers
  • Solution for kiosk mounting with an integrated oil sump
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