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Customer Success Story

Power quality boosting quality of nutrition


Sooro Renner Nutrição, Brazil's leading whey protein and dairy products manufacturer needed a solution to ensure good power quality for one of their plants, thereby improving plant efficiency, reducing stress on equipment and avoiding penalties. Hitachi Energy’s active filters take care of all these issues, ultimately helping them ensure high quality of their products.

Customer Highlights

Sooro Renner Nutrição was born in 2001 aiming to produce high quality protein and dairy products for Brazilian market. In 2019 it emerged as a collaboration between Sooro foundation and Relat Laticínios from Renner Herman S.A. group. The company is a pioneer in the region in production of Concentrated Whey Protein 34%, 60% and 80% and the first company in Latin America to produce Isolated Whey Protein.

Each plant of Sooro Renner Nutrição is equipped with many motors and variable frequency drives (VFD). These loads can be the sources of multiple power quality issues like harmonic pollution. Such issues result into poor plant efficiency, excess stress on other equipment and power network leading to potential failure, and penalties from power utility.


To mitigate these issues, Sooro Renner Nutrição approached Hitachi Energy. After analysis, our power quality experts offered active harmonic filter PQFI as a suitable solution for the facility.Active harmonic filters compensate power quality issues quickly and accurately. They are ideal solutions for low voltage networks with multiple electronic or ‘non-linear’ loads (like welding boards, cranes etc.) that are potential sources of poor power quality.

Compact and ideal to use in indoor environments, the active filter solution brings an important safety feature: it does not overload, thus avoiding the risk of leaks or fires. Widely used in industries, commercial buildings and healthcare facilities, these filters feature a modular design that is easy to install and expand. PQF offering line is available for direct connection up to 690 volts and can offer different combinations of current to suit customer’s needs.


The solution helped Sooro Renner Nutrição limit power quality parameters, like harmonic distortion and power factor in the network, well within the optimum and stipulated limits. This resulted into - 

  • Improved reliability of power network
  • Efficient and accurate plant operations
  • Reduced wear, breakdown and malfunction of equipment
  • Optimal financial savings
Main data
Year of installation 2021
Type of product PQFI active filter
Number of units 1
Output capacity 300 A
Voltage 380 V
Frequency 60 Hz