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Product Release Västerås, Sweden 30-04-2024

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Release of ITT600 SA Explorer version 2.1 Service Pack 4

We are happy to announce the new release of ITT600 SA Explorer version 2.1 Service Pack 4

The Integrated Testing Tool ITT600 SA Explorer is designed for easy diagnosis and troubleshooting of IEC-61850-compliant substation automation systems and applications. The tool features convenient navigation, comprehensive presentation of application data and support for consistency checks, both on- and off-line.

Scope of this release

This release completes the recently introduced system snapshot feature. By running the system scan, users can now get an even more complete view of the IEC 61850 system’s version and health conditions. When running a system scan, ITT600 SA Explorer not only reads out the IED data models and compares them to the System Configuration Description, but it also listens to the network traffic to check whether the online GOOSE and Sampled Values messages are according to the offline documentation. The system snapshots can be stored for later analysis or to compare different system snapshots online or offline.

The scan dashboard in ITT600 SA Explorer gives a simple and quick overview of the scan and comparison results. It also allows to dive into the details of individual attribute level. Furthermore, it is now possible to export scan and comparison results in Microsoft Excel format for documentation purposes.

By taking system snapshots before and after maintenance activities, ITT600 SA Explorer assists testing and maintenance engineers to verify whether maintenance activities did not have any unwanted effects, and guides the engineers to focus re-testing activities on the relevant parts of the IEC 61850 system.

Please read the release note for full details.