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Test systems

Hitachi Energy designs, manufactures and offers CE compliant customized power semiconductor test systems.

Hitachi Energy offers test systems for various environments like research & development, laboratory, production or failure analysis. Highest quality assurance, safe handling, as well as remote or on-site service capability are guaranteed.

High-power semiconductor test systems

Hitachi Energy offers static and dynamic production test systems for most types of power semiconductor devices. They can handle dies, substrates, submodules, modules, wafers and press-pack devices. Also reliability test systems for high temperature reverse bias, intermittent operating life or surge current tests are available. Auxiliary tester parts include clamping, capacitor discharge, pre-heating, data acquisition and parameter extraction units as well as programmable IGBT and thyristor gate units.


The Hitachi Energy test systems cover the range of up to 14 kV and 10 kA and use configurable stray inductances down to 60 nH. During testing, the clamped device under test (DUT) can be precisely heated up to 200 °C for production systems or cooled down to -40 °C in an environmental chamber for engineering systems. The clamping units can handle devices up to 240 mm in diameter and can apply a clamping force of up to 240 kN.


Our test systems are designed for easy integration into automated handling equipment. The test system’s software is compatible to commercial control systems such as manufacturing execution systems (MES) and computer-aided quality assurance (CAQ).

  Thyristor and diode static / dynamic GTO and diode static GTO and diode dynamic

Blocking voltage AC or DC

Gate characteristics X X  
On-state, forward voltage
X X  
Reverse recovery charge X   X
Critical dV/dt X    
Circuit-commutated turn-off time X    
Vcesat / Vpinch-off / VF      
Turn-on / turn-off   X X
  IGBT and diode dies static IGBT and diode substrates static / dynamic  IGBT and diode modules static IGBT and diode modules dynamic Mechanical properties

Blocking voltage AC or DC

X X X    
Gate characteristics X X X    
On-state, forward voltage
Reverse recovery charge   X   X  
Critical dV/dt          
Circuit-commutated turn-off time          
Vcesat / Vpinch-off / VF X X X    
Turn-on / turn-off   X   X  
Flatness baseplates         X

Reliability test systems

  • High temperature reverse bias
  • Intermittent operating life
  • Surge current

Auxiliary unit

  • Clamping unit
  • Capacitor discharge unit
  • Pre-heating unit
  • Programmable IGBT and thyristor gate units
  • Data acquisition and parameter extraction units
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