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Breakthrough oil-free traction transformer

RESIBLOC® dry-type transformer by Hitachi Energy have been relied upon by customers for more than 40 years. This technology has been deployed in highly demanding applications such as marine vessels, offshore oil & gas, underground mining and many other extreme environments. RESIBLOC® transformers are known and utilized for their incredible strength, durability and high performance. 

Hitachi Energy has successfully brought this safe and trusted technology to the world of traction propulsion systems by introducing RESIBLOC® Rail. After the successful launch of RESIBLOC® Rail in 2012 with 6.5 kV, Hitachi Energy has gradually upscaled this technology to now offer RESIBLOC® Rail up to 25 kV.

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Dry-type transformers ensure complete protection of people, property and the surrounding environment. With the additional benefits of removed oil-pumps and zero chance of leakages, the RESIBLOC® Rail transformer can perform a nearly maintenance-free operation and with 45% reduced winding losses at the same weight as traditional traction transformer units.
Why choose RESIBLOC® Rail

  • Air-cooled and oil-free - no risk of oil spill or leakage
  • Environmentally friendly according to BGI 655
  • 45% lower winding losses and efficiency as high as 99%
  • Reduces operating energy costs of trains by up to 10 percent
  • Reduces CO2 emissions 38 tons per train per year
  • Successfully shock and vibration tested according to IEC 61373
  • Designed according to fire protection standard EN 45545
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Suitable for operation in extreme environment up to (minus) -60 Degree Celsius

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • 130 years of experience in manufacturing transformers
  • Highest level of safety with significantly lower fire potential 
  • Technology validation over several years and more than 20 million kilometers

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