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Three innovative methods to reduce noise in new capacitor installations or for retrofit applications

High voltage equipment is being installed increasingly closer to residential areas where the sound generated by the equipment is often perceived as annoying. Hitachi Energy can offer solutions for capacitor units or banks in compliance with specific noise restrictions.


The noise reduction accessories are used for oil impregnated power capacitors. They can be applied for new bank deliveries or as retrofit products. Hitachi Energy can offer noise reduction accessories from moderate to high level of sound attenuation.

Why Hitachi Energy?

Hitachi Energy capacitors are produced in the world’s most modern and highly automated factories, thereby showcasing a high level of consistency. All capacitor elements are subject to stringent routine tests with parameters at or above the required international standards.

Designed for a long service-life, Hitachi Energy capacitors boast an extremely low failure rate and provide our customers with an added level of safety, a better return of investment and lower maintenance costs.

Noise Reduction Accessories are another innovation that support Hitachi Energy's vision to offer value proposition to our customers based on technology innovation.


Noise reduction accessories with three different methods or combinations depending on which noise reduction level you need

Noise Damper Noise Cover picture Damping element inside the capacitor unit:
For capacitor units with well-defined harmonic currents/voltages contents. The Noise Damper can be combined with the Noise Cover and the Noise Cap solutions.
Noise Cap Noise Cover picture Partial enclosure on each capacitor unit:
For capacitor banks with a high level of harmonics and located where low sound levels are required. The Noise Cap can be applied as a retrofit product as well as a noise reduction accessory in a new bank delivery.
Noise Cover Noise Cover picture A hood covering up to four capacitor units in one rack level:
For capacitor banks with a very high level of harmonics and located where low sound levels are required. The Noise Cover fits in banks with limited number of capacitors at each rack level.

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