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DC dry-type capacitor for voltage source converter applications

Hitachi Energy’s DC dry-type capacitor DryDCap is a dry DC capacitor for modern converter topologies. Being dry, there is no risk of leakage, and there is a minimal environmental impact during the product’s entire lifecycle. Its high energy density capability allows for compact designs, and it is usable in in-house and open air installations.  


  • HVDC-Light or equivalent converters 
  • SVC-Light or equivalent  converters 
  • DC-link for converter applications such as used in motor drives, traction applications etc.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • No risk of leakage due to dry design 
  • High energy density capability allows for compact designs
  • Low inductance leads to better protection of the semiconductors
  • Segmented electrode ensures a safe end of life

Brief performance data

Weight 130 kg
Casing material Aluminum
Mounting position Horizontal or vertical
Creepage distance 160 mm
Flash over distance (terminal to casing)
Perpendicular cable connection
Axial cable connection

59 mm
40 mm
Voltage (V) 2,600
Capacitance (mF) 4 - 9.6

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