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Metal enclosed capacitor banks MMCB

Reactive power compensation system with modular fixed or multistage switched capacitor steps that can compensate to a preset power factor

The MMCB is a packaged factory assembled and tested reactive compensation system with modular fixed or switched capacitor steps, which will automatically compensate an individual load or the network to maintain a preset level of power factor. The MMCB is a 'one stop shop' solution comprising of an integrated package of Hitachi Energy's premium range of primary and secondary equipment.


The MMCB can be used to improve power factor, increase voltage level and mitigate harmonics for both utilities and industrial users including mining, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, wind farms, plastics and heavy industries.

Why Hitachi Energy?

The capacitor bank MMCB comes with:

  • Protections are fitted (special protection on request)
  • Hitachi Energy’s premium range of components
  • Factory tested
  • Integrated design of primary and secondary equipment
  • Range of enclosure types to suit a variety of applications
  • Fully enclosed design protecting live parts
  • Flexibility in the range of options available to suit differing applications
  • Up to 5 positions grounding switch for access maintenance

Brief performance data


Voltage 1-36 kV
Power Based on requested design
Type Shunt capacitor bank
Band pass filter
- Detuned filter bank
- Tuned filter bank
Location Indoor or outdoor
Protection degree Maximum IP54
Ventilation Fan or air forced cooling
Bank configuration Fixed or switched
Protection ​Overcurrent, unbalance current, ground fault, ground connection, overvoltages (based on request)

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