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Horizontal knee disconnector GW57

Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance

The GW57 disconnectors are available  up to 550 kV, 4000 A and 63 kA. These disconnectors have a low friction design and offer minimized contact resistance. They are equipped with interlocking for reliability in extreme conditions. Some other important features of these disconnectors are:

  • Stable open/close movement of disconnectors
  • No overheating and constant contact resistance over life time
  • Self cleaning design for contacts
  • Maintenance-free rotating contacts in the knees (no flex braids) and also on the housing
  • Ice breaking capacity


The horizontal knee disconnector requires minimal space in both horizontal and vertical directions making them ideal for substations with small installation area.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Worldwide experience
  • Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Energy efficient solution
  • Easy and quick erection
  • Reliable and smooth operation
  • Suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions

Brief performance data

Rated voltage (kV) 245 550
Rated current (A) up to 4000
Short time withstand current (kA) up to 63
Power frequency withstand voltage
· against earth 460 620
· across isolating distance 530 800
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
· against earth 1050 1550
· across isolating distance 1200 1550 (+315)
Switching impulse withstand voltage
· against earth - 1175
· across isolating distance - 900 (+450)

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