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Renewable Insights

Your source for site-specific economic risk analysis

Renewable Insights provides developers with a fast, affordable, turnkey tool for site-specific renewable energy project analysis. It combines the capability and functionality of two of Hitachi Energy's most powerful enterprise software offerings in a modular software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution:

  • Velocity Suite – The industry’s premier analytical source of energy information, Velocity Suite collects, cleans, and formats analysis from over 3,000 different data sources.
  • Power Reference Case – Drawing on Velocity Suite data, Power Reference Cases provide unbiased market intelligence and reliable forecasts to support energy investment decisions and efficient energy operations across all planning, forecasting, trading, portfolio optimization and market operations.

Renewable Insights provides developers with the data, analysis and intelligence to make investment decisions with confidence.

Performance Insights. Gain insight into the potential operational and financial performance of renewable power generation sites so you can thrive in this rapidly evolving, highly competitive space.

Make Better Decisions. Gathers all relevant information for individual sites which arms you with vital insights to make better decisions

Competitive Advantage. Quick delivery of data lets you take advantage of market opportunities and avoid risks giving you a competitive advantage.

Improved Efficiency. Complete site due diligence in one unified, intelligent platform giving you improved efficiency.

Affordable. Available as a SaaS solution with data sold on a site-by-site basis so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Scope and Depth. Our extensive data coverage includes transmission line and substation locations, estimated substation available capacity, locational marginal pricing, 25-year energy price forecasts, and wholesale power transactions.

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