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Withdrawable Indoor Circuit Breaker EDI 36 -72.5 kV

Indoor compact withdrawable module including both breaking and disconnecting function

The EDI SK is an indoor live tank SF6 AutopufferTM circuit breaker. It has a proven design and 30 years of experience, and 1500 installations globally. The breaker offers a unique fully factory fitted and tested module thus providing easy erection with short installation times. The EDI breaker is type tested to stringent conditions as per the latest IEC standard for high voltage breakers, IEC 62271-100. 


  • Switching of transmission lines
  • Switching of transformers
  • Switching of busbars

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Pre-assembled and tested in factory, easy to transport and install
  • Constructional flexibility with fixed and mobile breaker versions 
  • Proven Self Blast Technology with low energy requirements
  • Superior electrical switching capability – certified for C2 and S2 duties as per IEC
  • Global service organization, local everywhere 

Brief performance data

EDI SK 1-1 72.5 kV      
Rated voltage kV 52 72.5
Frequency Hz 50-60 50-60
Rated current* A 2500 2500
Rated Breaking current kA 31.5 31.5
Lightning impulse withstand level – LIWL** kV 250 325
* for temp below +40 °C
** higer values on request

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