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Integrated Multifunctional Products

Integrated Multifunctional Products (IMP) are flexible switchgear solutions with compact footprint for fast power deployment of up to 420 kV applications.

Complete switchgear portfolio for rapid project energization

Integrated Multifunctional Products (IMP) are modular and prefabricated switchgear installations based on well-proven gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and hybrid technologies. IMP offers exceptional lead time and a compact footprint while ensuring fast power deployment up to 420 kV. The flexible switchgear solutions are designed to fulfill the specific customer needs from utility companies, industry, data centers, renewable energy sources, and many more. 

With IMP, Hitachi Energy presents various designs and customization options across the Integrated GIS Applications (IGA) and the Multi-Functional Modules (MFM) offering to support a stronger, smarter and greener grid.


  • Mining industry and oil and gas installations with extreme temperatures, high pollution levels and corrosive environments
  • Renewables integration for solar, onshore and offshore wind farm grid connections
  • Smart and safe solutions for datacenters, with unobtrusive and sustainable design
  • Green utility substations enabling CO2 reduction and moving towards net zero carbon impact
  • Fast power deployment for reliable and efficient transport solutions
  • Self-sustaining solutions for locations with limited or no site infrastructure
  • Mobile, temporary and permanent installations
Why Hitachi Energy?
  • Pioneering GIS technology with 50 years of proven experience
  • Worldwide footprint and service network
  • Quick delivery and installation time due to prefabricated design
  • Reduced project interfaces resulting in de-risking of overall project
  • Provider of highly reliable, smart, compact and economic solutions to complex switchgear applications
  • Monitoring, control, protection and communication features for smooth integration into digital substation systems using IEC 61850
  • Modular design makes transport to or between sites effortless

Our offering

Development of rail transportation and its electrification are aspects where IMP can support along the full “Rail value chain” in a modern context:

• Growing urbanization
• Aging of rail infrastructure requiring replacement and refurbishment
• Focus on small substation footprint
• Short time to energize
• Green & carbon neutral
• Information to whole substation and area footprint design at residential areas (i.e. color coding, mechanical design aspects etc.)

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