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Condition monitoring and controlled switching

Increase reliability, reduce risk, and control operational excellence

Condition monitoring systems are a basic data provider for advanced asset management strategies, focusing on system reliability or risk. They allow consistently accessing the health status of your switchgear and thus can be used to increase maintenance efficiency. To reflect the asset specific importance and your individual needs, our monitoring offering is graded, starting from SF6 monitoring up to full circuit-breaker monitoring.


  • SF6 monitoring allows you to identify gas leakages as early as possible
  • Circuit breaker monitoring for single-pole operated (SPO) and three-pole operated (TPO) breakers provide basic information for advances maintenance strategies as reliability or risk centered strategies
  • Controlled switching of capacitor banks, reactors, power transformers and transmission lines

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • For a precise assessment of the asset, excellent product knowledge is required. By manufacturing both, switchgear and the monitoring system, Hitachi Energy ensures that the asset condition is precisely assessed.
  • Our solutions can be easily integrated into asset management applications like Lumada APM and Lumada EAM.

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