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Step into the Map and experience your operations in a whole new way

Many asset-intensive industries live by maps. Where’s the asset? Where’s the problem? Any crews nearby? Everything you do ultimately exists in a geospatial plane that you have to reference throughout the day. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just work directly out of a map for your most common tasks? With Hitachi Map, you can.

See what you've been missing

Hitachi Map is designed to be the primary interaction point for users, whether it’s a field tech looking for work orders in a specific area or a control center managing a city-wide outage. It’s a “single pane of glass” from which users can access essential information, make informed decisions, and take immediate action.

The Map combines information from numerous applications such as EAM, APM, FSM, ADMS, GIS, and more. As with any map, you can see where all your assets are located, but with Hitachi Map, you can do so much more. You can see all work orders for an area or per asset; you can raise requests for work and manage asset defects; you can see which colleagues are nearby; you can self-dispatch to a nearby issue; you can even manage safety zones with geofencing. The combination of information and ability to act is unique to Hitachi Map – no other solution can do it.

A common need: opportunistic maintenance

Optimized dispatch of work crews is critical, particularly with geographically dispersed businesses. With Hitachi Map, you know that you’re optimizing your field techs’ time.

For example, if power lines are de-energized due to an outage, you can quickly identify pending work to make the most of the opportunity. Work orders clustered in one area can easily be grouped and assigned together. Hitachi Map enables operational visibility and awareness to get more work done.

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