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Current transformer LVQB (40.5 - 550 kV)

Flexible design LVQB with proven performance and reliability

LVQB is a gas-insulated high voltage current transformer based on a top-core design, able to withstand current up to 4,000 A and designed for voltages from 40.5 to 550 kV. Primary and secondary windings are located inside the upper part of the transformer. Some important features of the product are:

  • Suitable for both metering and protection 
  • Short primary conductor with low thermal losses suitable for high rated current
  • Magnetic cores made of laminated steel with oriented grain and a high level of permeability
  • Windings made of electrolytic copper
  • Safety margin for normal wind loads, stress from conductors and seismic forces
  • Remote control of the internal insulation level by means of pressure gauge provided with an alarm threshold and lock threshold
  • A pressure relief device protects the apparatus from internal overpressure


  • Revenue metering
  • Protective relaying
  • System control and indication of power flow

Why Hitachi Energy?

For the LVQB combination of  SF6 gas insulation and with a composite insulator, offers several advantages:

  • Non-flammable
  • Absence of partial discharge
  • Dielectric mean not subjected to aging
  • Higher performance in very heavy polluted environments
  • Maintenance free

Brief performance data

Installation Outdoor
Design Top-core type
Insulation SF6
Highest voltage for
40.5 - 550 kV
Max. primary current Up to 4000 A
Short-circuit current Up to 63
Insulators Porcelain (silicon rubber optional)
Creepage distance ≥ 25 mm/kV (longer on request)
Service condition  
  • Ambient temperature
-40 ºC to +40 ºC (standard)
  • Design altitude
Maximum 1000 m (standard)
  *Other temperatures and altitudes on request
Accuracy Meets all IEC andIEEE metering and protection classes

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