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Current Transformers Type PA

A solution for high accuracy measurement of your electric power grid

The PA current transformers are used in electric Hitachi Energy with a system voltage of up to 145 kV and a frequency of 50 Hz.

They are designed using top core current transformer construction. The active elements are located in a hermetic housing inside the head of the transformer. PA current transformers are filled with PCB-free transformer oil.

Top core construction makes it possible to achieve high values of thermal and dynamic short-circuit currents, as well as a broad range of rated primary currents and secondary output windings.


  • Revenue metering
  • Control
  • Indication
  • Relay protection

Why Hitachi Energy?

Hitachi Energy has developed a state-of-the-art design to provide benefits to our users for better electrical performance, improved environmental withstand and a long trouble-free life. This is accomplished with:

  • Very low electric energy losses
  • Stable measuring accuracy during whole lifespan of the apparatus
  • No active parts in insulator
  • Excellent control of electric stresses that excludes possibility of primary insulation puncture
  • Excellent insulation strength in transient conditions
  • All parts made of non-corroding materials
  • Maintenance free
  • Short delivery dates
  • Long lifespan of over 25 years

General data of the Instrument Transformer

Parameter Value
Type PA123a PA145a
Compliance with Standards IEC 61869-2, PN-EN 61869-2
Highest system voltage 123 kV 145 kV
Rated power – frequency withstand voltage at 50 Hz 230 kV / 60 s 275 kV / 60 s
f = 50 Hz f = 50 Hz
Rated lightning – impulse withstand voltage 1.2 / 50 µs 550 kV 650 kV
Minimum creepage distance 16; 20; 25; 31 mm/kV
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Total weight 420; 360* kg
Insulating oil weight [free] 85 kg
Ambient temperature -40oC to +40oC
Altitude Max. 1000 m
Humidity up to 100% at 30oC
Internal partial discharges below 10 pC at 1.2 Um according to IEC 60044-1
Dielectric loss factor tan δ < 0.25%
  *composite insulator

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