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Insulation Components

Laminates, fastenings and machined parts

High performance MICAFIL-technology used in power generation, transmission and distribution – since 1918.

Hitachi Energy offers a wide range of insulation components based on MICAFIL-competences well proven in demanding applications requiring dielectric, mechanical and thermal withstand capabilities. Our customized designs fulfill highest expectations in durability, efficiency and reliability. Leading manufacturers and utilities all over the world rely on our products in turbo generators and switchgear (high voltage and low voltage). Industries like railway and aerospace use our competence in supplying the right product at the right time with the right quality.

Our services include the supply of complete insulation kits, packed and ready to use in your assembly line. We support your engineering department with technical expertise in material and process know-how, develop new materials or products, execute tests and offer measurement services.


  • Laminates used for generators, motors and other demanding applications as insulation sheets
  • High precision machined parts and fastenings are used in electrical equipment like generators, motors, cabinets and switchgear in industries like aerospace, railway, etc.
  • They are also used in engineering services for product design, prototyping, calculations (FEM), measurement and testing

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Customers worldwide rely on MICAFIL-technology since 1918
  • Performance and reliability of our products is world class
  • Our customized products allow to deliver highest system effectiveness and energy efficiency
  • Innovation in material and technology result in a continuous process improvement
  • Fast delivery and express services
  • Well-proven competence and know-how for your prototypes and series production
  • Complete set of generator insulation kits including tailor-made solutions

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