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Figeholm HDLC

High-density casein laminated pressboard Figeholm HDLC offers the best dielectric properties. It is made according to a special recipe from Figeholm Elboard® HD and laminated with casein glue. Casein glue is water-based, it has a higher moisture content of HDLC than HDLP.

Figeholm HDLC is preferable for use where the highest electrical stresses occur in the transformer, since the casein glue possesses dielectric properties similar to transformer oil, thus evening out the electric fields.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • More than 150 years of experience in insulation
  • Complete range of insulation products for liquid-filled transformers; comprehensive range for dry-type
  • Complete range of insulation products for transformers from 11 kV up to 1,200 kV AC and 800 kV DC
  • Material excellence
  • Global footprint

Product scope:

  • Power transformers
  • Maximum size of the laminated blocks: up to 4,100 mm x 3,100 mm
  • Maximum thickness: 200 mm

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