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Pressure Relief Valves and Devices

Protecting from sudden pressure build-up

Hitachi Energy Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) and Pressure Relief Devices (PRD) are designed to quickly discharge the pressure at pre-set thresholds. Our PRV or PRD will discharge rapidly increasing internal pressures that could be caused by a sudden and violent short circuit inside a transformer. These safety accessories reduce the risk of possible injury to nearby personnel, equipment, and environmental damages that a catastrophic transformer failure would cause.


Key Features

  • Flexibility in product sizes
  • Robust design and field-proven reliability
  • Precision and tested quality
  • Quick Quotes and Deliveries



  • IEEE small and medium distribution transformers
  • IEC medium and large distribution transformers
  • IEC small and medium power transformers

Precision and Quality

Quality is a priority for Hitachi Energy. Hitachi Energy offers technology leadership backed by a proven record of addressing diverse challenges and improving standards. Our product portfolio is the result of research, manufacturing, and servicing transformers, making us unique in the industry. Hitachi Energy's pressure relief devices and valves are fully tested for precision and operations before dispatch.  

Quick Quotes and Deliveries

We offer standard prices and quick delivery times for our products listed in Our Offerings. If required, our engineers can also provide customized solutions for your application.

Hitachi Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of transformer accessories and services to meet our customers' evolving needs. We can bundle multiple accessories together so that transformer manufacturers can focus on delivering to their customers on time and without hassle.

Pressure Relief Valves and Devices

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Pressure Relief Valves and Devices
Pressure Relief Valves and Devices

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