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COMBIFLEX protective assemblies offer single- or three-phase measurement and protection functions like voltage, current, frequency, etc. Protective assemblies are built by combining measuring and auxiliary relays. Test switches are included in the assemblies in many cases. The assemblies are built on apparatus bars and terminal bases, which offer flexibility in combining various modules as needed for the application.

Our offering:

RAIG/RXIG - Overcurrent relay and protection

The current measuring relay type RXIG is a static, instantaneous ac current relay which can be used as over- or undercurrent protection. The instantaneous and time delayed overcurrent protections with RXIG are used in a number of different applications, such as:

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Earth-fault protection
  • Capacitor bank unbalance protection
  • Generator interturn short-circuit protection
  • Blockable overcurrent relays for busbar protection
  • Special applications, such as blocking of tap changer regulation

 There are three versions of RXIG available:

  • RXIG 21 with straight frequency characteristic
  • RXIG 22 which has reduced sensitivity to higher frequencies
  • RXIG 28 with extra low ac power consumption

 The overcurrent protections RAIG are built-up based upon the overcurrent relay RXIG 2. RAIG is available in several versions, with and without time-lag relay and with different duty on trip outputs.

Main Features:

  • Test switch and trip indication included as standard
  • Version with heavy- and medium-duty trip output
  • Total setting range of 2,5 mA to 45 A
  • High reset ratio enables a setting close to maximum service values
  • High continuous current carrying capacity 
RAIG/RXIG - Overcurrent relay

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