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The accessories are an integral part of the COMBIFLEX building system. They consist of apparatus bars, a 19" equipment frame, terminal bases, various flush mounting cases, and sockets. The sockets, crimped to the insulated cables, are used for connection within the protective assemblies and to other equipment. Additional accessories like pin and socket connectors and branch connectors are available for interconnection between two circuits or when multiple connections to a single electrical point are needed.

Our offering:

RHGP - Case system for panel mounting

Panel mounting cases RHGP permits easy and rapid panel mounting of single COMBIFLEX relays or assemblies. The cases are light beige, made of sheet steel. The front covers are provided with a transparent polycarbonate plastic window. RHGP cases are inserted and mounted with screws from the front side in the cut-out of any switch-board panel.

Main Features:

  • Cost effective mounting of single COMBIFLEX relays, assemblies, and test switches RTXP
  • Can be ordered with or without a front cover
  • Front cover providing polycarbonate transparent window 
  • The front covers are mounted to the case with two captive screws. A gasket at the rear of the front cover protects (IP50) against dust
  • When Test Switches RTXP 8, RTXP 18 or RTXP 24 are mounted in RHGP cases, no terminal bases are required. However, an extra mounting kit is required for RTXP 24
  • RTXP 8 can be mounted in RHGP 1 and RHGP 2
RHGP - Case system for panel mounting

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