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The time delay relays in the COMBIFLEX portfolio consist of relays with pick-up delay, drop-out delay, or summation functions. Typical applications include delayed tripping in protection applications or as time delay elements in automation control equipment and industrial processes. The unique advantage of these relays is their suitability for a wide input voltage DC or AC, and a wide setting range in a single relay.

Our offering:

RXKA - Time relay for pick-up or drop-out delay

The RXKA 1 relay is a universal low cost programmable timer that provides pick-up, drop-out or pulse timing functions.

The timer is used in relay applications where reliability demands are high but setting accuracy down to the millisecond is not of the issue. The timing repeatability is good and is suitable for most power system protection, logic and signalling functions, where only one change-over contact may be required.

For high demanding and short time precision applications e.g. breaker failure relaying and where two change-over contacts are needed we recommend the RXKL 1 timer. The wide range of settings permits RXKA 1 to be used as a replacement for many other types of timers.

Main Features:

  • DC voltage operated
  • Timing range 0,1 - 320 s
  • One change-over output contact
  • Start and trip self reset LED indications
RXKA - Time Relay

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