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Release of IED Connectivity Package version 3.2.3 for Relion® 670 series

The evolution of Relion® 670 series continues with this release.

We are pleased to announce the release of IED Connectivity Package version 3.2.3 for the Relion 670 series, our flagship protection & control IEDs.

With this release, we bring several new features and enhancements with focus on digital substation applications.

The Relion 670 series covers a complete set of applications from generator protection, transformer protection and control to busbar protection, line protection, phasor monitoring and bay control. With the introduction of version 2.2 of the 670 series, we further expand the application areas especially for digital substations, enhancing the system functionality and flexibility.

Key system features such as support for a large number of Ethernet communication ports, HSR redundancy method, and precision time synchronization following the IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 profile are introduced in this release. Process bus sampled values via IEC/UCA 61850-9-2LE are now supported in all products of the Relion 670 series family.

New features and benefits

This new version of the IED Connectivity Package for Relion 670 series enables the interaction between the Relion 670 series version 2.2 IEDs and the Protection and control IED manager PCM600 version 2.8 or later.

The new IED connectivity package enables handling of enhanced flexible product naming, extended Ethernet and protocol configuration, easy GOOSE engineering and reading of through fault reports from the Relion 670 series version 2.2. The new connectivity package enables support for the following new features in PCM600 version 2.8 and Relion 670 series version 2.2:

  • Support for projects with IEDs that have flexible product naming enabled and IEDs with regular IEC 61850 data model.
  • Easy configuration of the, up to six, Ethernet ports.
  • Easy and simple protocol configuration for enhanced defense in depth protection.
  • GOOSE engineering made efficient with the easy GOOSE engineering feature.
  • Simple configuration of merging units for IEC/UCA 61850-9-2LE.
  • An easy way to configure routes for the TCP/IP protocols of the IED.
  • Through fault monitoring tool(support for read of through fault reports)

For detailed information on what is new in the Relion® 670 series version 2.2 IEDs, please refer to the release news article.

Supported products

The IED Connectivity Package version 3.2.3 for Relion® 670 series is compatible with, and supports, the following products:

  • 670 series IEDs version 2.2
  • 670 series IEDs version 2.1
  • 670 series IEDs version 2.0
  • 670 series IEDs version 1.2
  • 670 series IEDs version 1.1
  • 670 series IEDs version 1.B
  • 670 series IEDs version 1.0
  • Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600 version 2.8 or later

Complete information can be found in the release note.

Kind regards,


  Krister Hagman
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products
Relion® 670 series version 2.0
power plant engineer for substation

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