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Relion 650 series

The 650 series IEDs provide optimum ‘off-the-shelf’, ready-to-use solutions equipped and configured with complete protection functionality to meet the needs of a range of transmission and sub-transmission applications. The 650 series IEDs includes:

  • Complete and ready-made application solutions

  • An HMI with an onscreen keyboard, user-configurable push buttons, and three-color LED indications with programmable LED text-based alarm descriptions, making it easy and fast to work with the IED.

  • Minimized parameter setting based on default values and Hitachi Energy’s global base value concept. Only parameters related to the application need to be set, such as the line data.

  • Centralized Account Management (CAM), which enables deployment of users, access rights, and certificates in the substation automation system in a structured and standardized way.

  • Flexible Product Naming (FPN), which allows the mapping of the standard logical device names, logical node names, and attributes to a customer-oriented and IED-vendor independent IEC 61850 model.

The 650 series IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) has a number of useful features, such as a significantly reduced number of parameter settings and extended IED HMI functionality, including 15 dynamic three-color indication LEDs per page, on up to three pages, and configurable push-button shortcuts for different actions.

In the 650 series IEDs, most basic parameters are set before delivery from the factory. You only need to set the parameters specific to your application. This allows you to quickly take your IEDs into operation. The application manual includes setting examples to support your protection engineers.

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