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SAM600 Process Interface Unit

Flexible, secure, and sustainable.

Your key to the digital substation

Meet the SAM600 version 3.0 process interface unit, our new flagship merging and switchgear control unit for digital substations. One easy-to-use device provides you with ultimate flexibility and speeds you on your way to the digital substation—more safely, securely, and cost-effectively.

Bridge the analog-digital gap

As a merging unit, SAM600 connects analog to digital, distributing current and voltage information digitally through the substation and control center. Utilities on all voltage levels gain enhanced flexibility, security, and sustainability as a result.

You can use SAM600 as a single-box merging unit, a switchgear control unit, or a process interface unit and flexibly integrate it into state-of-the-art redundant communication architectures supporting the latest industry IEC 61850 and IEC 61869 standards.  

Why digital substation?

By going digital, utilities and power system operators increase safety, lower capital costs, and reduce their footprint. Plus, they gain greater sustainability, reliability, and productivity. Take the benefits of your digital substation to a whole new level with SAM600.

Why choose SAM600?

SAM600 version 3.0 ensures reliable and accurate data acquisition and processing in digital substations. By digitalizing data to automate substation operations, SAM600 allows transmission system operators and utilities unmatched flexibility and investment protection. Whether you plan to upgrade your substation or build a new digital one, Hitachi Energy’s SAM600 process interface unit is your solution for greenfield and retrofit installations.

Delivering world-class benefits


Improve grid reliability

A solid foundation for digital substations

Gain advanced device and communications supervision capabilities and reporting. The maintenance-free analog input system delivers high accuracy for your protection and power quality applications.


Enhance safety

Safer solution for demanding environments

SAM600 directly reduces the amount of live connections and copper cables you need, making things safer for both your people and infrastructure. Its intuitive connector design also prevents a wrong connection on the wrong module card.


Reduce cost

Optimized lifecycle cost and sustainability

Optimally configure the single-box product, which interfaces directly with your primary switchgear. With SAM600’s modular hardware, you can optimize spares management and onsite maintenance.

Two form factors. Take your pick.

3U 1/2 form factor

It provides eight hardware slots and is an ideal interface for small feeders, single breakers, or busbar voltage applications

3U form factor

It can be equipped with up to 16 hardware modules and is an ideal interface for large feeders (e.g., transformers) or as a backup

Key capabilities


  • Common software and hardware enable flexibility
  • Innovative mounting: the device’s back becomes its front when it is wall-mounted
  • Modular device form factors for your retrofit, application and space needs


  • Resilient: designed and tested for harsh conditions, extended temperature range, vibration.
  • Enhanced security: only runs signed firmware and switches off unused ports
  • Adheres to the latest industry standard, IEC 61869


  • Smaller footprint
  • Fewer variants of assembly parts such as screw types and screw numbers
  • Plastic-free, reusable product packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

The typical applications of SAM600 version 3.0 are:

  • Merging unit for analog feeder values
  • Switchgear interface unit for feeder primary apparatus
  • Primary apparatus monitoring
  • Disturbance recorder bus

SAM600 version 3.0 is designed for you if: 

  • You need a single-box process interface unit, offering both analog and primary switchgear interfacing.
  • You want a switchgear interface unit that can directly trip a circuit breaker, and that offers trip circuit supervision and primary apparatus monitoring functionality.
  • The merging unit needs to support redundancy protocols, such as parallel redundancy protocol (PRP).
  • You plan to install your merging unit in harsh outdoor configurations, such as marshaling kiosks exposed to sunlight, or offshore platforms.
  • You want to preserve your investment in PCM600 and be able to configure complete projects in a single tool environment.
  • You plan to deploy digital substation projects on the latest standards, such as IEC 61850 Ed2.1 and IEC 61869-9.
  • You require a product that is firmware upgradeable in its feature set and can be easily upgraded or extended after purchase.

SAM600 is certified with the latest standards for digital substations and features fast GOOSE, advanced IEC 61850 simulation capabilities, an integrated disturbance recorder, and apparatus condition monitoring for asset optimization.

Yes, SAM600 provides increased uptime with modular, user-exchangeable hardware modules, and it supports extended operating temperature ranges and vibration classes ideally suited for demanding installation environments.


  • Versatile operation range with uninterrupted operation between -40°C to +70°C, +85°C for temporary operation for 16 hours
  • Modular hardware to increase uptime and reduce overall downtime, with fast user-replaceable hardware
  • Enhanced robustness with installation approved for class 2 vibration
  • Built-in current input short-circuiting capability provides enhanced safety during maintenance

The digital substation components allow interfacing with all old and new technologies. To interface with existing equipment, we offer standalone merging units and breaker intelligent electronic devices (IEDs).

SAM600 is configured using Hitachi Energy’s well-established PCM600 device configuration tool for a unified configuration experience. Hitachi Energy PCM600 is the first IED Configuration Tool in the world certified with IEC 61850 Ed. 2.1, signifcally enhancing interoperability and enabling your systems even when using third party products.

Read more here: PCM600

Your digital substation partner – for today and tomorrow

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