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A surge counter with basic leakage current measurement function

EXCOUNT-I is capable of  sensitively registering surges in combination with total leakage current. The values are shown digitally on an electronic display.

EXCOUNT-I measurement of total leakage current  is initiated by triggering a light sensitive diode on the sensor using a standard laser pointer. Without risking personnel safety this will initiate EXCOUNT-I to thereafter display the average value in milliampere.


  • For use with all makes and types of gapless arresters

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Proven safe short-circuit design 
  • No voltage added to the residual voltage of the arrester 
  • Able to detect lightning surges as low as 10 A
  • Toggle function between surge count and leakage current initiated by LED-pointer
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to read from a safe distance

Brief performance data

Climatic conditions   Sealed water-tight design, IP67
Short-circuit capability acc. to IEC 60099-4 kA 65
Minimum counting threshold A 10
Power supply   Built in solar cells
(Battery alternative for indoor use)
Measuring range of total leakage current mApeak 0.1 - 50
Measuring frequency range Hz 48 - 62 Hz

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