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Indicative delivery times for bushings and tap-changers

This information is available for tap changers and bushings from our different production sites: Ludvika, Sweden, Zurich, Switzerland, Hefei, China, and Alamo, Tennessee, USA.

Standard delivery times from Ludvika, Sweden.

The delivery times below reflect our general load situation however we reserve ourselves for large orders received during the period in between, which might affect actual delivery time. 

Shorter delivery times are also available but is subject to material availability. Please contact our Sales Department if the indicated delivery times does not meet your requirements and material availability. 

Please note that final delivery times are always as per the order acknowledgement.

Present Preliminary Delivery Times (Updated as of November 29, 2023)

UB.. 6 weeks 
UZ.. 7 weeks     
UCG.. 6 weeks        
UCL.. 6  weeks          
UCC../UCD... 15 weeks    
VUBB.. 6 weeks       
VUCG.. 6 weeks          
VUCL.. 6 weeks
GOB 26 weeks
GOB 1050 24 weeks 
GOE ≤ 1675 24 weeks  
GOE 1800 24 weeks 
GOE ≤ 2550 On request
GOE 2600 On request
GOE(2) ≤ 1425 24 weeks 
GOE(2) 1675 24 weeks 
GOEK 26 weeks 
GOM 24 weeks
GOH 15 weeks 
GSA-OA ≤ 170 29 weeks 
GSA-OA 245 29 weeks
GSA-OO  29 weeks 
GSB 245 21 weeks
GSB 362 26 weeks 
GSB 420 25 weeks 
GSB 550 On request
GSB 800 30 weeks
GSBK On request
ARF 245 28 weeks
ARF 300          28 weeks
ARF 362          28 weeks
ARF 420          On request
ARF 550         
On request
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