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Composite utility poles

Robust and maintenance-free

Our power line poles have been developed to be robust, climbable, and to be used in all areas, including environmentally sensitive areas since there is no leakage of toxic chemicals.

The pole is made of composite material consisting of fiberglass and epoxy with an outer casing of thermoplastic. There is no need for impregnation as for traditional wooden poles, and it does not contain any harmful substances that can leak into the environment. 

The pole is maintenance-free and also not electrically conductive, which increases personal safety. The life expectancy of the poles is over 80 years.

The construction of the power line pole exceeds the strength requirements and meets the stiffness requirements of the standard SS-EN 50341-2-18 and also handles combined load cases. 

The poles have an innovative external protective layer that enables traditional climbing and safety equipment to be used. The surface layer also ensures that the load-bearing thermosetting plastic is protected from UV radiation and external influences. 

By using modern manufacturing technology with continuous fibers and fully automated processes, both quality and repeatability are ensured.


Advantages of Hitachi Energy composite power line poles: 

  • Strong, high mechanical properties
  • Low weight, suitable for transport with helicopter
  • Easy to climb, unique rough surface and small diameter variation from bottom to top
  • No chemical leakage, can be used in sensitive areas and stored directly on the ground
  • Easy to install, is similar to traditional wooden poles
  • Maintenance-free, suitable for remote locations
  • Does not lead electricity
  • Long lifetime, more than 80 years
  • Possible to assembly cables inside the pole
  • Will not be infested with insects or woodpeckers
  • Tailored mechanical properties based on filament winding technology
Kraftledningsstolpe i komposit