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Transformer insulation paper

Our insulation paper is made from pure cellulose, which has excellent mechanical strength, oil absorption, and electrical resistance. Its high chemical purity means it is an extremely good insulation material for electrical machines impregnated with resin. Capacitors are impregnated with oil or resin, and particularly oil-filled transformers.


Product scope

  • Compliant with IEC standards
  • Highest purity
  • Excellent oil impregnability
  • Mechanical strength
  • Low and predictable shrinkage factors
  • Electrical withstand strength in oil
  • Relative dielectric constant ε ~4.4 (value oil 2.2)
  • Insulation class A (105 °C)


Why Hitachi Energy

  • More than 150 years of experience in insulation
  • Complete range of insulation products for liquid-filled transformers; comprehensive range for dry-type
  • Complete range of insulation products for transformers from 11 kV up to 1,200 kV AC and 800 kV DC
  • Material excellence
  • Global footprint

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