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PUCARO duct spacing presspaper is used for the main and cooling ducts in oil-filled power, distribution and traction transformers.

PUCARO duct spacing presspaper is produced using special processing procedures, which guarantee high compaction and dimensional stability. The exceptional mechanical properties of the insulation material provide the required safety in the event of a short circuit. Its ability to be impregnated with oil strengthens the electromechanical properties so that, in this combination, the components have excellent insulation properties.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • More than 150 years of experience in insulation
  • Complete range of insulation products for liquid-filled transformers; comprehensive range for dry-type
  • Material excellence
  • Global footprint

Product scope

  • Power, distribution and traction transformers
  • Insulation class A (105 °C) according to VDE 0530 Part 1
  • 100% sulfate pulp
  • Natural colored
  • Made of transformer press paper
  • High purity and mechanical strength
  • Low shrinkage and compressibility
  • Good compatibility with liquid dielectrics
  • One side BL/U coated or uncoated
  • Compliant with IEC 641-1

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