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Transformers for marine

The first electric propulsion applications were introduced in the late 1980s and subsequently developed with the implementation of static converters which helped to promote the concept.

Nowadays, electric propulsion with gas turbine or diesel engine-driven power generation is used in hundreds of ships of various types and a large variety of configurations. 

Azimuthing thrusters and podded thrust units, propulsion configurations for transit, maneuvering, and station keeping have merged in several types of vessels in order to utilize installed thrust units for optimal transit, maneuvering, and dynamic positioning.

Demanding installation requirements, including reduced noise and vibration levels, limited space, a special water-cooled cooling system, and a high degree of security to avoid human risks, are some of the main reasons to choose Hitachi Energy transformers.

Hitachi Energy is a leading global manufacturer of dry-type and liquid-filled distribution transformers and converter transformers specifically designed to meet the requirements of marine applications.

Hitachi Energy's transformers for marine applications are designed, manufactured, and approved by marine standards, including Lloyd´s shipping register, Bureau Veritas, DNV, RINA, and ABS.

Product scope

  • Rated power: up to 15 MVA
  • Rated voltage: typically 6.6 and 11 kV; others on demand
  • Insulation system temperature: up to 155 ºC (class F), 180 ºC (class H)
  • Cooling method for dry-type transformers: AN, ANAF, AFWF
  • Cooling method for liquid-filled transformers: ONAN, ONAF, ONAN/ONA
  • Fluids: mineral oil, synthetic ester (Midel 7131), natural ester

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • A technology leader in transformers for marine applications
  • More than 30 years of experience in diesel-electric propulsion transformers
  • Global production facilities allocated for marine applications
  • Transformers are suitable for operation and installation on-board any type of vessel
  • Marine application transformers are designed with high efficiency, incorporated safety, and superior operational reliability

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