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Shell type transformers

Shell-form large power transformers typically use more electrical steel for the core, are more resilient to short circuits in the transmission systems, and are frequently used in industrial applications.

With shell-formed transformers, the primary and secondary are on one leg and surrounded by the core.


Product scope:

  • Unit ratings: up to 1300 MVA
  • Primary voltage: up to 765 kV
  • Single or three-phase

Why Hitachi Energy

  • Compact design to meet transportation limits, including the possibility of lay-down transportation.
  • The exceptional mechanical robustness and natural ability to withstand short circuit events and transportation accelerations.
  • As the technology pioneer, Hitachi Energy has the flexibility to electrically and mechanically match existing units, making it the best option for the replacement of transformers, meeting dimensional and connection arrangements and impedance requirements, even those with low impedances, high impedances to tertiary winding and lay-down operation.
Shell type transformers
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