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TXpand - A rupture resistant transformer solution

Reduce risk to increase safety, protect the environment, and keep the power flowing

Standard transformers are extremely rigid and strong structures, but when extreme pressure builds up due to internal failures, transformers can very rarely rupture, creating safety and environmental hazards.

Like crumple zones in modern cars, which protect passengers by absorbing the energy during a crash for controlled damage, increased flexibility can provide the solution.

TXpand is a new power transformer technology for rupture resistance, enhancing safety for people and the environment. Transformers containing this technology can literally expand, absorbing energy from faults.

Hitachi Energy has developed the TXpand technology through careful analysis and modeling to make the most rigid areas flexible, the weakest points stronger, and integrating rupture points to take control of the most unpredictable failures.

The TXpand solution has been demonstrated as capable of absorbing the expansion caused by a simulated 20 megajoule fault. Containing the energy safely, reducing risk and increasing safety for people in and around power substations.

The features of TXpand design mitigate the consequences of even catastrophic failures.

In tests simulating a very large and impossible contain, 66 megajoule fault the TXpand demonstrated that the rupture can be controlled; minimizing any oil spilled and predictably channeling what little oil escapes for more easy containment.

More control and easier containment not only protect people in the area but also protect other valuable assets in a substation.

By preventing damage to other substation equipment, the risk of power failure is reduced, and maintenance or replacement of this equipment is minimized.

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