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Transformers for floating applications

Transformers for floating applications

Floating substations and wind turbines are a rapidly emerging solution, for deep waters. Introducing even greater challenges for the already demanding offshore segment.

With a full offshore wind transformer portfolio, now enabled for floating, we are the partner of choice, from the nacelle to the connection point.

Supporting our customers to reach their goal of a carbon neutral future.

Offshore wind generation

Since the first commercial projects in the early 1990s, offshore wind electricity generation has grown enormously.
Yet building offshore has great challenges beyond the harsh salt-water environment, and only a small fraction of the full potential has been exploited, as many offshore areas do not have a suitable seabed and beyond 60-meter depths are not feasible for bottom-fixed structures.

The floating solution

Floating substations and floating wind turbines offer a solution. These structures can be used in deep waters, vastly increasing the available global capacity for developing offshore wind energy. Yet floating systems come with their own challenges. Floating structures are constantly in motion, exposed to vibrations and shocks from waves up to 15 meters in height, 365 days a year, for their whole lifetime.

Enabling power transmission

Transformers and shunt reactors are key for the transmission of electricity generated in offshore wind farms, and Hitachi Energy now has a complete and qualified range of this equipment for floating applications.
Using our world-leading experience – particularly on offshore oil and gas, marine, and offshore wind segments – and in partnership with the forefront floating offshore developers, we bring together:

  • Highest reliability and maximum availability to withstand dynamic motions, accelerations, and inclinations coming from normal floating operations and from extreme-weather conditions
  • Global expertise support and manufacturing footprint
  • Deep understanding of grid requirements
  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with best balance between initial investment and operational costs for increased sustainability
  • Lightweight and modular design with a smaller footprint
  • Specially designed:

    • Active part
    • Tank
    • Tap changers
    • Accessories
    • External components
Transformers for floating offshore applications

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04-06-2021 | 2 min read

Hitachi Energy launches new transformers for floating offshore wind power

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