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Line voltage regulator for medium voltage grids

Reliable answer to voltage variations

Hitachi Energy offers innovative line voltage regulators with RESIBLOC® transformer technology that automatically compensates for voltage fluctuations in medium-voltage distribution grids. This reliable and efficient solution is an economical alternative to conventional network expansion for installations such as wind and photovoltaic applications.

Advantages at first sight

  • Economical solution compared to grid expansion
  • Autonomous regulation to a voltage or load-dependent set point
  • Connection to the grid control system for remote control or monitoring of the grid
  • Use of proven RESIBLOC® technology
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Meets the requirements of the new EU EcoDesign regulation 548/2014/EU
  • No fire hazard, completely free of oil
  • Optimized voltage steps for good voltage stability and a minimum of switching operations
  • Mounted fully-assembled in concrete substation, ready-to connect to the grid
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Possible to relocate in case of new grid requirements
  • No need to replace distribution transformers (DT) with regulated DTs 
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