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Grid Modernization & Resilience

​The energy system is in the midst of a fast-paced transformation. ​Renewables, grid edge technologies and digitalization drive the evolution of future power systems. ​Power Consulting can be a strong partner to our customers consulting in all fields of grid analysis.

How we can support

Grid optimization

  • Rout-cause-analysis to detect grid issues (e.g. voltage band issues)
  • Optimal network expansion planning
  • Optimal asset configuration 

Grid improvement

  • Target grid planning to improve customers grid reliability as well as optimize  allocation of assets and costs.
  • Weak point analysis, optimal separation points
  • Optimal location of automated secondary substations in order to improve system parameters 

Grid harmonisation

  • Optimise, concentrate and consolidate customer data in the requested manner to increase customer effectiveness and knowledge  

Grid capacity

  • Analyze degree of capacity utilization in the grid for RES and e-mobility


Utilities are experiencing

  • High customer demand for service quality
  • Limited O&M
  • Curtailed CapEx
  • Limited resources

However, they have abundant of structured and unstructured data


  •  Hitachi Energy engineering and problem-solving capability
  • Skill in advanced engineering, mathematical, technical, and economical model development
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure and data sources
  • Leveraging available data analytic technologies


Hitachi Energy Grid Analytics service will support utilities to:

  • Improve cost efficiencies: i.e. service cost analysis
  • Improve system reliabilities: i.e. TLM
  • Improve cash flow: i.e. line loss analysis model
  • Improve operation efficiency, i.e. maintenance cycle analysis
  • Optimize investment and operation, i.e. MAIP