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Sustainability and Technology Transformation

Addressing the energy trilemma for clean, secure and affordable energy impacts all the agents of the energy sector (generators, final consumers, distribution and transmission companies, regulators, government, etc.) and in particular is and will continue to drive changes in our electricity energy systems globally for many decades to come. 

We can support our customers to deal with their energy trilemma: to increase Reliability while decreasing Affordability and Sustainability - finding the optimal equilibrium through our deep understanding of the energy sector and our customers’ business

How we can support

Under current energy transition, companies’ strategy is being adjusted or even redefined, taking into account all the technology vectors, energy systems and markets.

These strategic decision might be also linked with commercial transactions.

For all these assessments our team can support with the following assessments:

  • Economic and regulatory analysis of the company status quo and trends to support the decision making process;
  • Identification of commercial and regulatory risks inherent in the company;
  • Revenues projections based on our regulatory expertise and market models; …

Preliminary strategic assessment

  • Analysis of the regulatory, market and commercial situation that supports the initial go – no go decision

Due diligence

  • Regulatory, market and commercial due diligence that provides a good insight of the risks and opportunities linked to the strategy

Strategic improvement assessment

  • Identify levers and improvement areas that can reduce risks and increase the revenues in order to enhance the profitability of the strategy