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Site Assessment and Design Concepts​

Site Assessment and Design Concepts​

Our team of expert Consultants and Advisory Engineers provide performance assessment and improvement studies that help to design a new concept for old one.

With a demanding and constantly changing electrical network, all participants in the power system are continually challenged with reaching the optimal operation point of performance, reliability and security with the best return on their investments. This means continually needing to adapt, upgrade and evolve their power system technologies. ​

Independent and expert-led site assessment is one of the most important tasks to understand how to achieve this. Acting on both green and brown fields, these analyses can provide the best technical and economical solutions, reducing costs and increasing the site reliability. ​

Our team of expert Consultants and Advisory Engineers provide performance assessment and improvement studies. These services provide the knowledge of how well your assets are working, identify problems at source, foresee future issues and identify ways to improve the reliability, availability and security of your power system assets throughout their lifecycle.​

Based on these site assessments, our independent consultants (Conceptual Engineering Services) can design a new concept as well as fix an old one.​

This can span from fundamental feasibility evaluations looking at strategic, technical, financial and regulatory/grid code constraints through to equipment definition and detailed design.​

Whether planning the expansion of an existing electrical system or looking to improve operating rules to maximise asset value, we have the expertise to help.