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Power factor correction modules MODVAR

Proven design

Hitachi Energy's MODVAR power factor correction module is an all-in-one compact and pre-assembled power module (including capacitor, reactors, contactor, fuses and discharge resistor) especially developed to make an easiest capacitor bank manufacturing with a significant cost minimization.


MODVAR is suitable for reactive power compensation in a wide variety of applications including buildings, mining, steel, chemical, pulp and paper, cement, plastics, printing and the food industries.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Powerfull and compact
  • Easy to select
  • Reliable and safe
  • Easy to install and use
  • Modular design
  • Numerous options available
  • Low losses
  • Unique sequential protection system
  • Long operating life
  • Safety
  • Complies with international standards

Brief performance data

Voltage range  415V, 50Hz
For other voltages please consult Hitachi Energy
Connection Three-phase
Net output power Q at 415V 12.5kvar, 25kvar, 50kvar
Discharge resistors  Included
Discharge time: less than 50V in 1 minute
System connection
Fuse base mounted on busbar (max 30x10mm)
Earth Earth the mounting plate
Fixing Two M6 screws to the supporting rail. (M8 holes on mounting plate)
Protection degree (according to IEC 60529)
Installation Indoor
12.5kvar 25kg
25kvar 35kg
50kvar 50kg
Dimensions (H x W x D)
300mm x 472mm x 575mm
Maximum ambient temperature

Minimum ambient temperature
Class D according to IEC60831:
Maximum average over 1 year: 35°C
Maximum average over 24h: 45°C
Equivalent to ABB gG or gL 50, 63, 100 and 125 A
Contactor  Equivalent to ABB UA75
Control voltage: 230/240V at 50Hz
Required clearance
25 mm minimum to walls
Capacitor losses  Less than 0.5 W/kvar (discharge resistor losses included)
Contactor and fuses losses  With UA75 contactor: 0.82 W/kvar 
Tolerance on capacitance  0% to 10 %
Capacitor voltage test
Between terminals: 2.15xUn for 10 seconds
Between terminals and earth: 3kV for 10 sec: Un ≤ 450V
Lightning impulse voltage: 8 kV: Un ≤ 690V
Overload capability
(according to IEC 60831)
Overvoltage tolerance: 10% for maximum 8h in every 24h and 30% for maximum 1min
Maximum permissible current: 1.3x In.
Altitude  Up to 1000m 

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